Wellness, Resilience and Perfomance.

(half day - PM)

This workshop will be facilitated by the thought leaders from WRaP EM, a group of ordinary but passionate clinicians and medical educators who want to promote the concepts of Wellness, Resilience and Performance, from being considered the “soft stuff” to becoming a core part of Emergency Medicine practice. WRaP EM have created a website, blog, podcast and free open-access wellbeing curriculum aimed at promoting the wellbeing of healthcare professionals. This can be found at https://wrapem.org WRaP EM’s aim is to facilitate positive workplace change by providing a forum for connection of like-minded clinicians and by providing the tools for individuals to create meaningful change in their own workplace.

Effective Peri-procedural Communication (EPIC)

(full day)

Our faculty of specialist paediatric anaesthetists will guide you through this whole day, SPANZA endorsed, workshop. EPIC’s vision is to optimise the psychological wellbeing of infants, children and young adults undergoing medical and surgical procedures.

Underlying this vision is the premise that we can have a positive impact on every child, or young person, at every health interaction. The techniques taught are simple to learn and easy to use, and can be adapted for use in all paediatric health care settings. You can learn more about the EPIC program here: https://www.spanza.org.au/epic/

Fundamental Ultrasound Skills

(half day AM and PM)

Get a hands on understanding of ultrasound basics in paediatrics as our faculty of expert clinicians guide you through assessment of lungs, hearts, soft tissues and bony injuries. They will also provide the tools you need to get started with ultrasound for needle guidance, including IV insertion, and introduce some common nerve blocks. Could this be the most practice changing 4 hours of your career?

Optimus Teams - advanced teambuilding

(half day - AM)

Team is a new half day course for nursing and medical staff of all levels. Dig deep into the ways teams connect, how we think, feel and speak in a crisis, and how we can change to improve care. Team will take place in the simulation suite at Queensland Children’s Hospital and will involve some immersive simulation experiences.

Wrangling Wrigglers

Tips, tricks and hands-on skills for paediatric emergency clinicians. Caring for paediatric patients in the emergency department is a unique skillset. In this workshop, you will learn skills from a specialist paediatric nursing led faculty. You will gain practical experience of key bedside skills, as well as hearing from experts in their field to help guide you in your daily work. We will give you the confidence needed to successfully ‘wrangle the wrigglers’ and ensure the children and families you care for have a positive experience of hospital.