Suman Biswas

Musician + Anaesthetist

Suman Biswas was born a long time ago and has been singing, joking and playing the piano ever since. In the late 90s, Suman and a fellow student started writing and performing parody songs together at medical school revue shows.

They recorded an album together whose songs accidentally went mega-viral (including the cult-classic London Underground Song) and catapulted the pair to huge internet fame under the name Amateur Transplants.

Suman has recorded four albums: “Fitness to Practice”, “Unfit to Practise”, a live album “In Theatre”, and a festive special “Have Yourself A Sweary Christmas”. The pair have stayed prominent in the iTunes Comedy Top Ten singles and album charts for the last few years, even replacing Tim Minchin at Number One.

But after 14 years writing and performing together, the two members of Amateur Transplants finally went their separate ways in 2011 and have not shared a stage since.

Suman passed his Fellowship exams and works full-time in the NHS as a fully-fledged Anaesthetist. He has also become a father. The two achievements are probably not connected.