Sonia Twigg

Dr Sonia Twigg (FACEM-PEM) is a Paediatric Emergency Physician who enjoys learning about teamwork and how to look after each other (and our patients) better at work, playing with kids in the paediatric ED, playing with big healthcare worker kids teaching medical education and facilitating simulations, as well as creating pretty pictures with ultrasound in order to succeed at procedures with children. She is infamous for her youtube rap about IO insertion and her work with the OPTIMUS Bonus Bank of simulations for Children's Health Queensland. Lesser known is the paper she wrote for Paediatrics raising questions about how we do clinical event debriefing. She works for Gold Coast Health and Hospital Service, Logan Hospital, for Monash University as faculty in their Clinical Simulation Course and for AIU as faculty on their paediatric course teaching ultrasound guided needle procedures.