Julia Clark

Associate Professor Julia Clark is a Paediatric Infectious Disease Specialist at Queensland Children’s hospital, Childrens Health Queensland, Brisbane, Australia and is Director of Infectious Disease, Immunology/Allergy and Rheumatology. As an experienced full time clinician with a strong commitment to clinical research she provides specialist support for infections in immuncompromised children and leads on infection control, antimicrobial stewardship, antibiotic related guideline and policy development and implementation.

She has extensive clinical and translational research experience in Paediatric Infection, antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) and outpatient antibiotic therapy. Optimising antibiotic use is central to clinical practice and has been a continuing theme across much of her clinical and translational research. She has ongoing research interests in febrile neutropenia, fungal and viral infections in the immuncompromised, congenital CMV and mycobacterial infections and is enthusiastic about fostering and developing collaborative networks for paediatric infection related clinical research.