Dennis “Moppy” Conlon

My name is Dennis Conlon (Moppy) I am a descendant of the Kullalli and Koa tribes of Southwest Central West Queensland. I have been with IUIH for 8 years. I am Married with 4 kids under the age of 7 which keeps me very busy. I am currently the Acting Practice Manager at the Margate MATSICHS clinic which is a new role for me and my Journey. I have previously worked with the visiting Specialists and Allied Health teams in an Administrative Capacity. I also coordinated and was instrumental in developing the Surgical Pathways for IUIH mainly the Cataract Surgery pathway for our elders and the ENT pathway for our Jarjums. A highlight for my time in this role was setting u the IUIH/QCH Open Doors Project with the Queensland Children's Hospital. This was developed to ensure that our families can access ENT services across our network and increase advocacy through the public system.