Damian Roland

PEM Physician

Dr. Roland is a Honorary Associate Professor and Consultant of Paediatric Emergency Medicine. He is chair of Paediatric Emergency Research United Kingdom and Ireland (PERUKI) and his academic interests include scoring systems, variation in care and knowledge translation. He can be found at @damian_roland or building houses with his daughters on minecraft.

0600-0715 UK / 1500-1615 Syd / 0100-0215 NY

Wednesday 26th August 2020


Chair: Tessa Davis

Launch sequence: where are we heading?
Tessa Davis


Alternate realities: fixing a broken system to care for kids
Brad Sobolewski


Life inside the Covid chyrsalis: when evidence re-shapes our world
Damian Roland


Make it so: new research challenges
Sarah McNab



A special musical performance from DFTB

1230-1315 UK / 2130-2215 Syd / 0730-0815 NY

Wednesday 26th August 2020

Bubble Wrap

Here's what's bubbling up in evidence-based medicine from our Bubble Wrap panel


Chair: Damian Roland



A special musical performance from Suman Biswas (Video Calls)