As always, the programme for DFTB22 will include an array of awesome speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, all fluent in the language of paediatric care.

Day 1

The one about breaking boundaries – Mary Freer, Ben Symon, Josh Francis
The one about Covid – Laila Ibrahim, Julia Clark, Margie Danchin
The one about wellness – Alex Markwell, Bethany Boulton, Shahina Braganza, Una Harrington
The one with the clinical pearls – Jane Munro, Archana Chacko, Ari Horton
The one about care closer to home – Liz Cotterell, Shona Mair, Bhavesh Patel
The one about Bluey’s tribe – Eve Purdy, Joe Brumm, Anthea Rhodes

Day 2

The one about systems – Mardi Steere, Clare Skinner, Nitin Kapur
The one about adolescents – Jenny Proimos, Ben Symon, Henry Goldstein
The one about rheumatic heart disease – Ari Horton, Vicki Wade, Josh Francis, Daniel Engelman, Allison Hempenstall
The one about neonates – Jasmine Antoine, Karen Hose, Helen Liley
The one about sepsis – Elliot Long, Paula Lister, Amanda Harley
The one about child protection – Jo Tully, Bindu Bali, Tim Druce

Day 3

The one about new knowledge – Franz Babl, Sarah McNab, Jason Acworth
The one about PREDICT – Donna Franklin, Simon Craig, Elyssia Bourke
The one about infections – Allison Hempenstall, Daniel Engelman
The one about venous access – Amanda Ullman, Brooke Charters, Tanya Gray
The one with the bubble wrap – Nandini Choudhury, Scott Sypek, Dinesh Palipana
The one about getting better – Bronwyn Griffin, Amy Keir, Naomi Spotswood, Sharon Anne McAuley
The one with the grand finale – Craig McBride, Liz Crowe, Dennis “Moppy” Conlon